My law office focuses on issues of land and horses.  Dispute resolution short of litigation is always the first track to pursue.  I am well aware of the costs of litigation, and work hard to reach reasonable settlements.

Equine Legal Issues are numerous - contracts for purchase and sale, lease agreements, fraudulent transactions, injuries to horses and riders, waiver clauses, scope of insurance coverage.

Land use issues - lot line disputes, adverse possession and prescriptive easement claims, environmental issues, permitting, zoning, taxation deferrals and exemptions.  

As a horse owner for more than 40 years, I have the real life experience to identify key issues, and approaches to resolving them -preferrably without litigation. 

As a land use attorney, I am particularly familiar with the issues that owners of equine property encounter - farm management, building requirements, environmental issues.  I have over 30 years experience as a local government employee in the drafting and administration of code requirements related to the use of land.  I understand the policy thinking behind code provisions, and how to interpret them.

Practice is limited to Washington state at this time.   I am also available to associate with other counsel to resolve your land and equine issues, act as an expert witness, or act as an arbitrator.

Free initial consultations.  Rates negotiable, hourly or task based.

Michele L McFadden, Attorney at Law